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[late night]

[Thursday, April 17th 2014; 1:33 a.m.]

i wonder what she thinks of me..

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Frank Ocean ~ “Strawberry Swing” 

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> mfw i have class in half an hour


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i can feel the brisk wind slip down my spine

[Tuesday, April 15th, 2014; 12:21 a.m.]

I have this irritating tendency to get extremely infatuated with whatever it is I am focusing on. Never like a project or an assignment, but more so an activity or person(s). Hockey, for example, is my life. I eat, sleep, breathe hockey. Anything that has to do with hockey will most definitely interest me.

Anything to do with you will most definitely interest me.

The way your arms float freely at your sides. The angle at which you dip your head back and close your eyes while spinning in circles as the sun warms your pale face. The smile that drapes itself from ear to ear is large enough for me to sleep on. Your hair is like a lasso that ties me up in your love; a trap I wish to never escape.

But these tendencies get the best of me when your lasso slowly rots and frees me from it’s grasp. I try desperately to repair the binds that once strangled me, but it’s too late. What’s the use? A broken plate can be fixed, but you still can’t hide the cracks. 

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Vertical&Vintage Blog

I confront: we’re fighting a war that can’t be won.

You and your friends look for salvation, but there is no need to be saved.

The clock that once aimlessly rotated now stays still;

like that would’ve stopped you, anyway. 


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