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too many people think that relationships = happiness, when in reality you are the only one who can make yourself happy. 

love yourself a little more, okay?

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good evening, friends. 

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Tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.

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[Sunday, April 20th 2014; 8:14 p.m.]

Everything has emotion. If you were to tell your friends about an event that happened over the weekend, whether mundane or exciting, a type of emotion is acquainted with said story. And within that story is some sort of perspective, which is my focus. Being that there are two sides to every story, it is without fail that one perspective will counter the other. These replications can have exponential impacts on both parties. And with the emotion that you express that conveys how strongly you like/dislike something only adds to the gap between the two understandings of each perspective. Thus, we have our arguments. The arguments with our family and friends in our day to day lives. We had some sort of perspective on a matter that differed from that of our accomplice and things got tense. 

I just think that it’s crazy how much of an impact this unavoidable aspect to life has on the way we live. No matter what happens in life, someone will always be there to disagree with you.

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